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Right on the Issues

“I share my neighbors’ frustrations and that’s why I am running to tackle the tough issues that lower the cost of living and help hard working people get ahead. We need to get our communities, schools and jobs back on track, and that starts by electing the right people who will set priorities and lead the way."


- Good paying jobs and more opportunities

Strengthen education


- Fund police and public safety


- Secure elections


- Make government more open and honest

“Workers want a paycheck, not an unemployment check. Our communities support law enforcement and want to fund police, not defund them. Parents know what’s best for their kids and they want to be empowered to ensure their children are getting a quality education. Voters want common sense voter I.D. laws that secure the integrity of elections and provide confidence in the results. People are tired of being treated like an ATM and want existing revenue in the state budget used to fix roads. These are the issues people care about and they deserve to have their concerns addressed."

Michael Webber for Senate
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